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Bøttleneck Gøøberlets

  • Nevada's Bottleneck -- Jim GibbonsDuring the gloomfest meeting of  Nevada’s Economic Ephors, the governor’s spokester insisted that the guv had “reached out” to legislators and citizens during these trying times. (RJ)
  • Meanwhile, legislators were wrestling with the Gube’s staff over access to state staff for informational requests. The Gibbons’ “administration” is now insisting that Legislators get prior approval from the Gube before state staff can testify before Legislative committees. (Sun) In about the 14th “clarification” of the Governor’s position on the Gube’s “gag” order, the guv’s staff/re-election committee sent out a letter insisting that the “gag” order isn’t a “gag” order and quoting a lot of stuff about how they interpret the Nevada constitution as meaning the legislature only governs during official sessions–a concept that would imply a complete shutdown of state government. (Sun) I’m guessing the Legislature would really prefer it more if the gov would cut back on the out-reach stuff.
  • Steve Sebelius gives a helpful translation of Gube-speak as he reads the gube’s recent missive in which he–the gube–feigns displeasure at the prospect of a special session of the legislature, despite the fact the session will provide the guv his only opportunity to gain even a modicum of voter attention during this election cycle. (SlashPol) That the special session will be, in essence, a campaign commercial for Gibbons completely paid for by the taxpayers of Nevada makes me wonder why the Gube hasn’t come out in favor of public-funding for campaigns sooner. Of course, I guess he would object to the idea of such a process being created in a manner consistent with the Nevada constitution, instead of just cramming it down our throats in a self-serving, despotic act.
  • Speaking of the Gibbons’ campaign, there’s new blood coursing through it. Okay, more of an old/new blood thing, maybe. Gibbons appointed sycophant and regent Ron Knecht to head up the Carson City flank of the Gibbons’ juggernaut. (RC) To replace the guy who called first-ladies “window dressing,” Gibbons has appointed as interim campaign manager: one retired Air Force Major General Ronald J. Bath. (INP,AF,WPed) Bath also owns a defense contracting business. (RJBath) General Bath doesn’t appear to have much, if any, campaign experience, but no doubt he possesses the most important property of a Gibbons’ campaign staffer: he works cheap. Nonetheless, us’n RIROs wish the General a “good-to-go” for the primary.
  • Still, isn’t it just a little late to be running a campaign with an interim manager?
  • UPDATE: Jimbo wins a pointless Washoe Republican straw poll! (INP) Sharron Angle beats out the wimpy pack for Senate. This RIRO can’t wait to vote for both in the primary! Hurray for the nutty North, they’ll separate folk with real Nevada Republican values from the riff-raff chaff!
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