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Bankrupt Ethics in the Gube Race

Nevada Governor-wannabe Frogmarch - Jim Gibbons Mike MontandonAh! What would a gubernatorial race in Nevada be without allegations of wrong-doing and pay-to-play?

Yup, it’s time to dust off that Rove-frogmarch pic again, cuz two of the Republican gube-wannabes got caught playing around with their campaign contributions!

First off, there’s that guy who used to be mayor of someplace nobody in their right mind would ever want to be. Anyways, whatshisname took some foreign cash  from a well-connected pal which is un-legal according to federal election laws. (Sun) I guess the well-known scout leader was taking the Boy Scout oath literally–it doesn’t say anything about following the nation’s laws, just “Scout” law, which remains silent about campaign finances. Of course, whathisname has played fast and loose with campaign contributions before, what with taking big Binion Bucks just prior to voting in favor of Binion projects, and used nutty Utah money to influence Nevada elections.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which is more foreign: Chinese money or Utah money.

Meanwhile, the crack governor’s staff/re-elect Gibbers team couldn’t be outdone. So, they took some money from Gibbons’ old pals the Ozmens just as the Gube was awarding a lucrative contract to–drumroll please–Gibbons’ old pals, the Ozmens. (Sun)

Ah, the Ozmens and their defense contractor company Sierra Nevada Corporation bring back some truly wonderful memories around here at VGO. Who can forget?

  • Dawn’s job demonstrating whatchamacallits for Sierra Nevada Corporation while hubby was a congressman taking contributions from the company and working to get its contracts approved behind the veil of secret, defense department “black budgets”? And she even got screwed over in the deal. No wonder she went after the Guv in that divorce.
  • The lovely trip to Turkey for the Gibbonses sponsored by the Ozmens in 2000 cuz, you know, back-benching and juicing the “black budget” is awful hard work so they needed a break.

Don’t forget: congress re-wrote how it reports appropriations in the defense and intelligence budgets partially because of Gibbons’ diddling thereof.

Mr. Reid and Mr. Sandoval had to settle for some petty borderline-unethical “bundling” of their campaign contributions wherein candidates skirt the $10,000 maximum allowed contribution by taking in a few extra $10K bundles from shadow limited liability corporations owned by the same guys handing out the first ten grand. Of course Gibbers and Whathisname are bundlers, too, but they wish they could bundle more.

One thing odd about this year, though, is that a bunch of the companies on the bundling list are either in bankruptcy or just coming out. So, how do you explain to your creditors that they have to take a back seat to local politicians? What do they say? “Sorry, I can’t pay you right now! Brian Sandoval’s on the other line!”

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