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Another Gube-Groped Gal Shows Ingratitude

Heide Gansert Gube GropedYou know, I’ve always kinda expected that Guv Jim Gibbons would get some payback for forcing Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert into that uncomfortable clutch we were all, to our collective horror, forced to witness in one of the Gube’s campaign videos from 2006.

Gansert sent a letter to Midnight Jim today about what a stupid, and potentially illegal, idea it was for him to suggest that Legislators must go through his office to contact administrative staff for information necessary to the legislative process. Here’s a bit of what she wrote.

I understand that you are concerned with the additional burden placed upon state employees when they need to respond to requests from Legislators and legislative staff. However, answering these requests is not something that is done in lieu of serving the citizens of our State, rather it is furthering the interests of our citizens. The Legislature needs access to this information to carry out its constitutional and statutory duties, duties that also serve our citizens. Many of these communications involve providing assistance to citizens who have contacted us seeking help, often with an immediate and serious problem. Further, there are statutes that require state employees to provide information, including information that is otherwise confidential. By directing Executive Branch employees not to respond to these requests, you are putting them in the position of either violating the law or violating your directive. It is important that all of our state employees, regardless of their branch of government, work together to provide that assistance.

Directing information requests through your office will create an untenable bottleneck; the almost unavoidable result is that we will not get the information we need, taxpayers seeking help will be denied that help, and the government of the State of Nevada will be less efficient and effective. (RalstonFlash)

Up to this point Gansert’s pretty much been a loyal supporter of the Guv even as folks like Senators BIll Raggio and Randolaf Townsend deserted the Gube.

And it looks like–though I suspect he’ll never admit this–Rory Reid’s campaign manager David Cohen wants you to become a Nevada RIRO. He said in a recent campaign letter about the Reid campaign:

Along with our finances and team, a third major factor works in our favor: the Republican
primary on June 15th.

The governor’s effort to reenergize his conservative base shows his newfound
determination to win his party’s nomination. We believe he will be successful – not
necessarily at winning, but at putting up a fight that will be costly and divisive, and drive all
GOP candidates sharply to the right as they cater to their primary base. (RalstonFlash)

So, I guess it all comes down to this–and you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to say this: It’s time to become a RIRO for Rory!

RIRO for Rory

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