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Yep, That’s A Special Session Scandal, Alrighty

The Ferret Speaks in Reno Magazine!If'n anybody had any doubts about the Gube calling a special session of the Legislature in the next month or so, reading the exposé of the horror that was the Gøøber marriage should remove all doubts. (RENOmag)

Geez, is this the sort of thing us'n Nevada Republicans were out to protect with that so-called Protect Marriage Act? We are afeerd that somehow homosexual couples could bungle married life up worse than this??

Now we know why the Gube suddenly got so busy this week and even had old Dano Burns burning out a press release or two.

We learn:

  • Jimbo really does have a phone fetish. We all knew about the Gube's keen interest in texting. However, he also
    enjoys tossing his phone at women who get uppity and interrupt his
    conversations with his concubines.
  • Don't expect Jimbo to put a lot of work into birthday gifts. He once gave Dawn a card saying "You're so lucky because you have me." Sounds like the making of a campaign slogan in 2010.
  • Stalking seems to be his preferred form of courtship. Before he and Dawn were married, she started dating someone else–after getting that lovely card mentioned above. What did Jimbo do? He started showing up at all the dates.
  • Jimbo apparently went a little nuts with "post-traumatic" stress in 2008. The trauma being, it seems, getting elected after socking that waitress around and being photographed with a napkinhat on a crony's boat and munging up that first budget and, well, you get the idea.
  • No wonder Jimbo doesn't like taxes. He makes $16,000 a month with his Gube salary and the double and triple dipping in gu'ment retirement programs. Say, has anybody ever heard him call for a reduction in those??
  • It's rather unpleasant driving along your driveway with the "other woman" glaring at you with hands on her hips.

Still, all in all, I contend that Jim Gibbons is the best GOP candidate for Guv. He's just such a good Nevada Republican that it makes your flesh crawl. Only a real Nevada Republican can do that.

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