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Yeah, Don't You Wish He'd Move to Nebraska?

  • War of the Gibbers - Jim and Dawn Gibbons And the award for most ironic attempt at headline grabbing by a desperate politician facing imminent election loss goes to: Jim Gibbons, for his remark that Harry Reid “should move to Nebraska where he can do less harm to Nevada.” (Sun,RJ) Everybody raise your hand if you think the Guv should move to Nebraska where he can do less harm to Nevada…
  • Jim and Dawn are in a fight to the death over real estate and alimony in the divorce spat, the Reno-Gazette Journal reports. (RGJ) Jimbo is desperately trying to keep Dawn away from his $16,000+ pre-tax monthly salary, or “Milf-money” as we call in around the ‘Monger house.
  • The Gube’s attorney is making the ludicrous claim that Dawn is trying to “torpedo” the Gøøb’s re-election campaign, as if she could really make his current chances any worse. (RGJ)
  • And, yes, believe it or not, 3 years into the budget crisis the Gøøb is still at the “brain-storming” stage. (NevAppeal) So, here we are, the recession may be technically over (there was economic growth last quarter nationwide), and the Gube’s crack economic team is still “brain-storming”. We have nothing to fear but Gibbons, hisself.
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1 comment to Yeah, Don’t You Wish He’d Move to Nebraska?

  • Gus

    There are few sentences that reach such a level of pure snark as this one: Some experts have predicted Gibbons will lose in the election.