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Will You Take Arsenic With Your Mercury?

No doubt everybody's breathing a sigh of relief over the news that Nevada's reduced its emission of toxic crap by 10%!

Those of us who can still breathe, anyways.

Which probably is fewer than you'd think given that Nevada still leads the nation in mercury emissions, thanks to the foreign conglomerates here stealing our precious metals without much return for the natives. (RJ) That's not counting the nifty shimmery lining along the insides of your lungs. Or the bitter almond taste of arsenic in our food and water. Mmm. Almonds.

Surely the Nevada Commission of Tourism can work that into their public relations literature some way. After the AG bungled the case against Mr. Krolicki, I'm sure he's anxious for new projects like that. That'll bring in those California businesses.

Top Five Mercury Emitters:

  • Barrick Goldstrike Mines: 1.8 Million lbs.
  • Newmont Mining – Carlin North: 1.3 Million Lbs.
  • Newmont Mining – Twin Creeks: 1.2 Million Lbs.
  • Newmont Mining: Carlin South: 0.4 Million Lbs.
  • Ruby Hill Mine: 0.3 Million Lbs.

From 2008 TRI Summary, part B.

Let's not forget all those years, and years, and years when it was Jim Gibbons attacking the EPA for daring to report on metal emissions from Nevada mines. Sniff! surely we deserve four more years of that?

Ooo. Fun sites to visit!

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