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UPDATED: eTreppid in Playboy

This should be fun. Aram Roston has written an article for Playboy magazine about computer programmer Dennis Montgomery. (NPR,BernieHund)

In the article titled “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon,” Roston tells the story of how Montgomery convinced top officials in the Bush Whitehouse that Al Jazeera broadcasts contained embedded code. The code, Montgomery claimed, had information used by terrorists to fix the coordinates of their targets.

Apparently the terrorist alert color–remember those?–was set to orange due to Montgomery’s so-called analysis of the broadcasts.

Except, the “analysis” was completely bogus. And that’s the sort of stuff whick Warren Trepp bought into and which then Congress Jim Gibbons was trying to sell to the Pentagon and fund with the “black budget.”


  • Playboy article is online.
  • TPMMucraker pulls a Sherm Frederick and declares Gibbons “cleared” of all wrong-doing.
  • “Swindler duped CIA over Al-Qaeda decoding scam: report” (AFP) Ouch, what a headline.

Huh. Wonder when local media will remind us about Dennis Montgomery and the Gøøber. Assuming the Gøøber didn’t get those poker chips, etc., from Warren Trepp for promoting Montgomery’s software, is it supposed to make us feel better that Gibbons was pushing faulty wares on the Pentagon?

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