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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Which one is Nevada's Nightmare?Nevada's own Nightmare is either out trying to prove he's a loyal member of the No-party for the Incline Village core, or he's been partaking of a little too much of that pre-holiday liquid cheer his putative religion says he shouldn't be partaking of.

The last few days have seen the Guv using your tax dollars to send out "press releases" about how awful health care for Americans will be. He's been screaming that Reid has "stabbed" Nevadans in the back–all of 'em at once, too–by providing health care to millions who never had it before. Just today, the Gube claims the health plan will "crush" working folks.

The ever-escalating hysteria from the Carson City manse is surprising even for the Gibbers. Probably has something to do with escalating accusations from the wife about throwing her aside after using her "skills and charisma" to get elected. (RGJ) Given Gibbons lacks both, there might be something to that. There will be more of that to come as the divorce trial starts up, no doubt.

Also, January 15th is coming, the day we learn that the Gibbons' campaign is seriously underfunded.

In other words, there's lots of holiday stress on the gov this season. Let's just hope he doesn't snap and invade Utah.

So, do you think Gibbons really talks with Santa, or was he only trying to kidnap him under orders from the Pumpkin King?

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