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The Gøøfiness Never Stops

  • Governor Keep-it-in-yer-pants is blaming Obama for the Underpants Bomber. (KOLO)
  • The Gov whose Homeland Insecurity office is the laugh of the land is out touring airports looking for underpants bombers. (Fox5) No reports yet of unscheduled Gube panty inspections.
  • Gube fires his campaign manager for calling first ladies “window dressing” (AP) Gibbons claimed that the statement was “demeaning, sexist”, and did not reflect his feelings. Nope. Calling Dawn an “enraged ferret” and punching out a waitress who didn’t want to put out–now THAT reflects the governor’s real feelings.
  • Apparently the Gube just borrowed the “demeaning, sexist” bit from a press release from the Nevada Autism Coalition. (AP)
  • The Gube barely missed divorce proceedings in open court, but will it be enough to save his candidacy? The New York Times consults Erik Herzik to find out, proving again that the Grey Lady has fallen on rough times. Still the description of the Gube “biting his tongue” when responding to the judge’s question as to whether the settlement was fair is worth a read. (NYT) Come on. Dawn taking that one model T had spite written all over it.
  • Shocking news! Women don’t really find the Gube very attractive, especially election-wise. (RGJ) Um, can anyone make sense of Barbara Vuconavich’s comment about Gibbons, namely that he “can pull it out”?
  • And yet, and yet…. Fox news still has the Gube on speed-dial. (FauxNews) I can’t think of anything which would better prove that Faux News has jumped the shark.
  • Hey, you know that ten-pounds of dead tree that showed up with the morning newspaper the other day? The one from the Clark County assessor’s office? Well, the Legislature passed a bill to cancel the printing of the monster–and the massive government subsidy it gives to the Gibbons-loving Las Vegas Review-Journal. (LVLV) Well, anyways, the Guv vetoed the bill. Hey, he can’t afford to piss off any more friends.
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1 comment to The Gøøfiness Never Stops

  • Scandalperson,
    All of the sane Nevadans love you.
    Both of them.

    Sam Dehne

    PS Can you believe that things are so bad for the goob… that I almost feel sorry for him.
    But chances are the continued kissing up to the sleaze factor are just what he needs to be re-elected in Nevada. Only in Nevada.