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The Best Dave Berns State of Nevada Broadcast Ever

Radio Is Dead! -- Jim Gibbons
Now that Dave Berns has been given the boot from KNPR's State of Nevada cuz he wanted it, you know, to remain a news show instead of the typical public radio/tv sop for rich pseudo-intellectuals who like animal shows and British comedies from the 60's, it seems appropriate to remember the best show he ever did, bar none. (StripPodcast)

Obviously, it was the show he pissed off the Gibbers by reading questions posted by yours truly on this very scandalous blog back in June of 2006.

Go on, have a listen. I'll wait.

Ah, good times.

I don't think Gibbons ever forgave the news media for that, except for those winger talking-heads on the bottom-feeding end of the AM dial who enjoy embedding their faces in Gibbons-orifices I'd rather not think about.

I guess SoN will now consist of discussions about table decorations for Sun City Anthem geezer parties and suck up interviews with casino execs.

Yep. Radio is dead.

Thanks, Dave.

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1 comment to The Best Dave Berns State of Nevada Broadcast Ever

  • Jeremy

    Is there any chance Gibbos texts could show up in his divorce trial? I hope Dawn has a few cards up her sleeve. It could make the new year interesting and perhaps a lie under oath could put Gibbo in a orange jumpsuit like the Mayor of Detroit.