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Panic Mode in Carson City

Teabagging Nevada -- Jim GibbonsNow, us’n Nevada Republicans supporting Jim Gibbons are ever so proud of the Guv’s sudden spurt of interest in the state budgetary process. (RJ)

No doubt there’s a bunch of Sandovalistas out there wondering why the Gube couldn’t have called for those budget cuts from departments and budget projections from the Economic Forum Gerousia a month or two ago, instead of getting everybody flustered up with one week deadlines, as if he never planned ahead for anything except a date with a concubine.

However, us’n Gibbonistas know better. What better way to draw attention to the Gube during a tough election cycle than a full blown panic attack, especially when the Gube seems skittish about calling up a Special Session, and his re-election ills are mostly self-inflicted.

Yep. Panic and that divorce. All swell ways to focus the attention of Nevada’s notoriously fickle voters on the Guv.

Elsewhere: No doubt the Gøøv’s stance on that Tourist Train stimulus money recently attacked by his old pal John McCain as wasteful will help clarify his stance on big gum’ment spending. (RJ) Clearly: Gibbons is against it, unless’n he’s for it.

Well, that should shut up the naysayers out there nay-saying stuff like:

“[Gibbers] seems absolutely incapable of making a decision, making an original
thought. He has one reaction to everything: ‘No more taxes.’ That’s not
an answer to every problem we have.” (Sun)

Silly naysayers. Inconsistency is just another word for “flexible.” Lord knows, the Gube is THAT.

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