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Mañana Gøøberlets!

Mixed Nuts!

  • Mañana, sez the Gøøb's staff when it comes to those Race to the Bottom fed stimulus dollars. We can skip the December deadline and apply next year, they insist. (Pate to Pate) Course, it'll probably take an extra six months to get the money in the system and the state's sinking fast, but, so what? Mañana, my friends! Life is too short to worry about such things!
  • Ralston should change the name of that FTF program (that's the Twitter acronym for Pate to Pate) to WTF? After all, that's basically what Senator Randolf Townsend and the Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley were saying about the Gube's panic attack over the budget. Especially with Race to the Bottom funding postponed to mañana, what's to be done that the Senate Interim Finance Committee can't do, aside from the fact that us'n Nevada Republicans think that committee is unconstitutional and created by Satan, hisself?
  • State Senator William Raggio shows a disappointing lack of faith in Gibbons' re-elective chances. (Sun) Nonetheless, the crack Gibbons election team says the Gube "will go full speed ahead" after the first of the year. Which direction they'll be going is anyone's guess.
  • No story about Tiger Woods' philandering would be complete without a cameo by Nevada's own philanders: John Ensign and Jim Gibbons. (NYT)
  • Small government Jim is just about the only Governor in the country who wants the RealID and apparently didn't get the memo that even the Feds are thinking of killing it. (RJ)
  • Rory Reid states the obvious, that is, the Gibbers is the worst governor ever, anywhere. Gibbons' crack campaign team responds tepidly to the effect that the Reid campaign is a bunch of meanies. (NNB) This from the folks who gave us Dina Taxes and jokes about southern accents.
  • Oooo. Shiny buttons!
  • The Gube sneaks in the back door of the Costco–classy place–where Sarah Palin was signing her book and speaks with her for 20 minutes. (ReasonableReporter) It's so obvious what they were talking about, isn't it? Palin-Gibbons 2012.
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