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Indecisive and Forgetful Gøøberlets

Captain Jim Gibbons Queeg

  • Gibbons will decide to decide–or not to decide–on special session as soon as he assesses damage from Dawn's RENO Magazine interview and the divorce trial. (RJ) Meanwhile, governor will reprise his role as Captain Queeg from "The Caine Mutiny" for the annual Nutcracker performance at the Nevada Ballet, leaving performers and audience equally baffled.
  • Meanwhile, Harry Reid wonders what happened to all of Gibbons' yammering about the importance of passing changes to teacher assessments so that Nevada can get education stimulus money. (RJEyeBall)
  • Local perennial candidate and loser Richard Ziser proves himself a typical Nevada Republican RINO quitter by quitting his holy crusade to protect every sacred sperm. (INP)
  • Nevada Assembly minority leader and ardent RINO Heidi Gansert endorses quitter and RINO Brian Sandoval for Gube-ship. (NNB)
  • Nevada GOP deserter and unbalanced commentator Chuck Myth decries ardent RINO Heidi Gansert for endorsing quitter and RINO Brian Sandoval for Gube-ship. (NN?&V)
  • It's so sad seeing the Harry Reid-wannabes go all Lord-of-the-Flies on each other, ain't it? (Reid-B-Gone)
  • Putative Democratic Congressperson Shelley Berkley protects rich dead people and her own from taxes they won't even miss. Hmm. Something odd about that sentence. Yet, it still seems to fit. (Sun)
  • [UPDATE: Gibbons rushing about putting together contingency plans you would have thunk would have been in place a couple of weeks, or even months, ago. (INP)]
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