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Gibbons Misusing Government Property, Again

What good's a Blackberry if you can't text your baby?Was Gibbons' first misuse of state property that state phone on which Gibbons sent hundreds of texts to a paramour? Or was it the multiple swearing-ins on the first day of the Gøøbship when only one was really necessary?

Well, anyways, the Governor has turned the state press office into the Re-elect Gibbons Horror Show 2010. The last few missives have been partisan potshots at Harry Reid and the so-called Health Care Reform thingy that passed/is passing the Senate. (Gube,Gube)

Heaven knows the campaign needs state support. The Gibbons' crack campaign team admitted recently that there ain't no way in Hell that Gibbons will raise $3 million by the January 15 reporting date:

Gibbons said in August, "We anticipate having $3 million by the end of
the year." But [Gibbons' Trainwreck Engineer Robert] Olmer said, "We're not going to come close to that
figure." (Sun)

Of course, there have been other amusing updates from the state Death Star. The ones trying to cover up the Gube's complete mangling of the "Race to the Top" funding are especially pathetic. (Gube,ClarificationOfGube) The Gube missed a deadline to apply for the first round, but that's okay, we're told, cuz then the crack Gube staff will be able to review the applications of other states.

Just forget about the fact that, if the governor had moved more quickly and made the first round, then, if successful, funds would be flowing to the state that much more quickly. And, as the editorial staff at the Sun noted, even if the state didn't get a award the first time, it could reapply on the second round, with the experience of the first round to learn from and presumably improve the odds.

Oh, here's a stocking stuffer for your naughty kid: another Gibster podcast, where he asks us all to work together, ignoring the logical prerequisite for that proposition: that one is working in the first place.

How can a guy who is so opposed to government waste be so efficient at wasting government resources?

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