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Ever Graceful Gøøberlets

What? me worry?Divorce December finds the crack Re-elect Nixon Gibbons' team in full featured panic/goofball mode. Consider:

  • The childish offer to our handicapped-parking-challenged State Senate Majority Leader to join a state board for the handicapped. (Sun)
  • The threat by the Gube for 10% new across the board budget cuts. (Sun,LVNow,RJ) That's up from the 3%-6% just a few days ago. Say, weren't the Economic Council Gerousia supposed to meet first? Does this remind anyone of the first round of budget cuts a few years ago? Ever changing percentages, failure to consult Legislators, an on-going scandal in the background?
  • The "F-" for supporting racial equality. The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada handed Gibbons an F- "for signing only 43 percent of racial equity bills.
    The Governor vetoed five of seven racial equity bills that passed both chambers. While
    the legislature was able to override three of the five vetoes, the Governor’s decision to veto
    nearly two-thirds of the racial equity bills in this report card is the basis of his low grade
    on racial equity. Racial equity is a critical piece of our states welfare, yet was not reflected
    among the Governor’s priorities this session." (PLAN)
  • The calling of concerns over racial equality "ridiculous." (RGJ)
  • The gushing over Barbara Vucanovich's endorsement of the Gibbers for Gube a couple of weeks after she actually did it. According to Ralston's flash, an announcement from the crack campaign team gave the gube's website address as, which will connect you to the page of one Bill Gibbons, running for Gube of Tennessee. Real devotees of all things Gøøbie know the correct address is
  • Alas, tweets suggesting Dawn might run for Gube turn out to be baseless.

Say, do you want to be like Mayor Oscar Goodman? Well, you can! He's just changed his party registration from Democratic to Independent. Say, how about you? Become a RIRO!

UPDATE: Woah the RIRO movement has grown %100! Um, from 3 to 6.

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