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Dawn Gone

What Dawn plans for that Model-T

Opening the path for a Jim Gibbons, um, resurgence, Dawn has agreed to a divorce settlement and allowed the Gøøber to avoid a no doubt grotesque and utterly embarrassing public trial. (AP,INP)

So, how much was it worth the Gube to keep his pathetic election hopes alive for a few more months? Half of the Reno house, half of the so-called cattle ranch in Elko, and one of the family model-Ts.

Dawn will no longer be Nevada’s First Lady. Now she’s second or third, or something like that. And she’s moving out of the guest house.

Rumors that it will be turned into a Playboy-like Grotto couldn’t possibly be confirmed.

Okay, RIRO’s! We’ve got the Gibbons we’ve so wanted! Skulking out of the settlement proceedings sporting sun glasses like Paris Hilton after an all-nighter, Jimbo’s ready for game. Why, he’s even fund-raising again! (Sun)

And another benefit of being a RIRO: you can be one of those “infiltrators” the local GOP is blaming its most recent failures on!

[GOP paranoics] Ruckman and Scotti also say
[Radioguy Steve] Sanson is overzealous to the point of being destructive and suspect he
is being misled by Democratic infiltrators who are purposely sowing
seeds of unrest.

“We found some Democrats that have infiltrated the party,” Scotti
said. “I put Mr. Sanson in the category of someone who has been led to
believe by others who don’t have the best intention of the party in
mind.” (RJ)

Course, that all begs the question, why would anyone join the Nevada Republican party? Except to help Jimbo get past the primary, I mean. Clearly, he won’t be able to do it without “infiltrator” help!

And there’s another benefit of being a RIRO: you can help bring the Nevada GOP’s McCarty-era, paranoid nightmares to life! What’s to lose?


  • Gibbons was caught leaving the divorce proceedings wearing his "hitman" sun glasses. (VT&S)
  • Among the many items in the settlement: Jimbo becomes completely responsible for all legal fees in the Mazzeo suit. (RGJ)
  • Gibbons' campaign manager makes major gaffe by claiming that the First Lady is largely "window dressing". (INP) The campaign seems to be using some kind of "wife beater" strategy to attract women voters, especially those who have been supporting some numb-nut husband's laughable career.]
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