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“Conflict Minerals” Gøøberlets

  • Nevada Republicans See Dead PeopleThe Las Vegas Sun seems to have a new business plan. The idea is to fire most of the staff and then fill the now empty pages of the hard-copy version with reprints of Reno Magazine's interview with Dawn Gibbons. (Sun) The paper should include a free sample of Dramamine to help readers survive the read.
  • A reader notes that a Nevada company called Niotan, Inc, is allegedly buying minerals from companies in the Congo which mine in areas controlled by the Democratic Liberation Forces in Rwanda (FDLR), a group implicated in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. (Enough) Such minerals have been dubbed "conflict minerals" since their trade supports wars and the sort of nasty customers the war on terror is presumably a war on. Niotan, a company located in Mound House, Nevada, was also recently given an award from governor Jim Gibbons and lieutenant governor Brian Krolicki–for innovation. (NevadaObserver)
  • Incidentally, Mound House, Nevada, is also the home of the Kit Kat Ranch, but we probably didn't have to tell the governor that.
  • Jim Gibbons is not dead yet, but the campaign looks like it's on life support. (RJ) Anybody wanna by a url?
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