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Clock Ticking on Elmer, er, Olmer?

Jim Gibbons with his campaign manager, Elmer FuddLooks like it’s just a matter of time before Elmer Fudd Robert Olmer becomes the 4,356th member of the Gibbons’ team to face an ignominious firing.

At least the Gube bitch-slapped his mouthy campaign manager for making a Gibbons-worthy gaffe, saying that the first lady is only “window dressing”. According to Anjeanette Damon, Gibbons sent his trusty mouthpiece Dan Burns out to proclaim that the Guv disagrees with the letter if not the spirit of the proposition:

“The governor feels the office of first lady is an important and honorable position in Nevada” (INP)

Saith the Dano.

Yep, the Gube thinks the office is so important and honorable that he had to single-handedly drag it through the mud just because he got bored with wifey and contracted a bad case of the seven-year itch.

So, anyways, who’s going to manage the campaign if Elmer Olmer gets the boot? Maybe Barbara Vucanovich will have to come out of retirement to do the job. She’s about the only one left.

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