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2009: This Year in Gibstory!

Ah, as we wallow and wallow and wallow in the Gibbonses "date" with the divorce court, it's time, once again, for the most despised of all year end retrospectives: the year in Gibstory! Yes, it's time again to relive the Gøøber's third year as Nevada's Chief of State, 2009, or as we call it around the 'Monger manse, the year in Hell!

Time for Budget Cuts!January 2009. The Demon Governor's State of the State speech, calling for cutting 1/3rd out of the state's budget, was met with nearly universal derision. The Nevada Legislature, which, you might recall, actually met in a regular, not-so-special session in 2009, basically ignored the Gov's budget because it was, well, just stupid. And does anybody remember that the Gube and his Lieutenant had a dust-up over who got to pick the head of the Tourism Commission, as well as alleged misuse of tax money by, of all people, Mr. Brian Krolicki? Me neither.

February 2009. Assemblyguy John Carpenter sums up the beginning of the Legislative Session nicely: "Our governor, he's the first one
that came out of the chute. He's riding the horse no new taxes and he's
just barely hanging on." Pundits are agreed even this early in 2009: Gibbons will be a goner in 2010. Gibbons hoped to appoint pal and generous Gibbons-enabler Monte Miller to non-profit supporting energy initiatives: all the more fun when Miller throws his support to Gube-challenger Brian Sandoval just a few short months later. The Gube took the fun out of podcasts in February, too, but they came in handy by helping him look busy between naps and missing court appearances.

March 2009. The first act of an oft-repeated, never-ending Gube plot: Gibbons loves, hates, then loves again some bit of the federal stimulus money, with the result that the funding is delayed, delayed, delayed in the bottleneck at the Gube mansion.The governor reinvents himself, with the help of a local pundit, as the frightful Dr. Ø, aka, the Gøøber. Meanwhile, the numerous court cases against the Gube, one from a state employee claiming to be wrongly fired and another from a failed grope-e claiming to be smacked around, keep grinding on. Gibbons, largely ignored by the legislature even as he vetoes stuff, refuses to sign the room tax-increase he hisself put in the budget, thus offering desperate future, single-issue challengers from his party an issue for the primary.

To be continued, unfortunately.

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