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Why Did Gibbons Shut Down Attempts to Kill The “Doorman Scam”?

The famous Jim Gibbons pole dance.Steve Miller, over at, has an interesting article about the governor's attempt–or lack thereof–to crack down on that beloved Vegas tradition, the "doorman scam." The "doorman scam" is the practice at local casinos wherein doormen give special favors to taxi drivers who grease their palms when customers request transport to businesses of a more exotic type. The doorfolk allowed said taxi drivers to, pardon the expression, butt in line for the gratuity.

Well the state was going to start cracking down on the practice, and Mendy Elliot, director of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry at the time, had drafted a letter warning all concerned that the state was going to start enforcing Nevada statutes against "kickbacks" to doormen.

But, low and behold, suddenly Eliott gets the boot, and her replacement, Dianne Cornwall, kills all enforcement procedures. This led Miller to wonder:

weeks after the above letter went out, Governor Jim Gibbons replaced Mendy
Elliot. Her successor, Dianne Cornwall, was selected without taking competitive
applications by Gibbons who is a close friend of transportation lobbyist
Sig Rogich. [...]

Cornwall's sudden about face on the limo/doorman
issue inspired questions as to whether her appointment was politically

In addition to being Gibbons' campaign
manager and fund raiser, Rogich represents the interests of transportation
companies including some that do not want to pay their often non-citizen
drivers fair wages and benefits, and consider the pay offs drivers receive
from adult businesses as supplemental wages.

In 2005, a local cab company hired Rogich
to kill legislation that would have required cameras in cabs
. Between
1995 when
cameras were first proposed
, and 2005 when they were voluntarily installed
in most taxies, nineteen local taxi drivers were killed during robberies,
and most of their assailants got away. Since 2005, no driver has been harmed
in camera equipped cabs despite Rogich's efforts. (

'Course, Rogich, smelling the rotting corpse that is the Gibbons' campaign, no longer works for Gøøber, Inc. Still, Jimbo owes him lots of favors.

Still, maybe the governor thinks the "doorman scam" will get him to the nudie bar faster, so he has more time to punch out a waitress or two. Who knows?

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