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Where Was Mike Montandon When “More Cops” Became Moribund?

Mike Montandon is PigeonMan!Okay, okay. I know readers of this blog, both of you, couldn't give a rat's patootie about North Las Vegas. Why, even the rats seem to have given up on the  battered 'burb.

Still, the city is all atwitter about the news that city manager Gregory Rose has taken "executive leave" after reports that he may have used "more cops" funds to support longtime police personnel. The "More Cops" program earmarked funds for new hires in order to expand the current police force in North Las Vegas. The funds were not intended, however, to fund staff already in place. (Nor'Town,RJ)

Mr. Rose insists that his leave has nothing to do with the "More Cops" controversy. Well, and good, but there is another question of interest to Gube-watchers: Where was Gubewannabe Mike Montandon when the funds were being deferred? The old cops were being funded by "More Cops" back in February 2008, when Mike was mayor of Nor'Town and had the final responsibility of over-seeing how city money was spent.

The mishandling of "More Cops" and the meltdown of the North Las Vegas housing authority should make anyone wonder exactly what Montandon's "New Nevada" is supposed to look like.

Looks to me a lot like the old one.

No doubt some will call me biased. Sure, it's been said that the given recent right-wing goofiness from the former Mayor, he'll only steal some of the nut-vote from our man Gibbers. Well, okay. I'm trying my darnedest to get Gibbons through the primary.

But, come on, fellow Nevada Republicans! Who wants garden-variety incompetence from Nor'Town when you can have the full-on wack-job, AAA variety only the Gibbons brand name can deliver?

Bye the way: Montandon is tweeting from the Republican Gube Association meeting in Austin, TX, as if he were already gube. Anyone have word as to whether Gibbers and Brian the Messiah are attending?

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1 comment to Where Was Mike Montandon When “More Cops” Became Moribund?

  • Paul

    Please tell me there is a better canidate than Rory. I think the messiah, may have RINO skin and be able to negotiate with Horsford. The grand pooh-bah may hurt or help the Dem. ticket?