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We Have Nothing to Fear But Gibbons Hisself

Jim Gibbons Ain't No FDR!Oh, please, Mr. Guberner, give us hope in these trying times!

But, saith the Gibbers: “I would like to tell the citizens of Nevada
we have seen the worst of the economic
crisis and are seeing the fruits of
recovery,” But, of course, he won't:  “The decline in
unemployment has not been followed by an
increase in the employment base. Clearly the
federal stimulus dollars have been better at
retaining existing jobs rather than creating
new jobs.” (GøøberPR).

Now it's true that Nevada now seems to be in the worst-case scenario. The job base is actually shrinking as workers flee to states with more stable economies or simply blow their brains out, leaving a nasty stain on the foreclosed linoleum. (Sun)

Still, the governor's tin ear seems a bit rustier than usual. Instead of trying to take an upbeat tone in trying times, he decides to take a cheap political shot at the admittedly botched stimulus funding. To top it off, he insinuates that it's a bad thing to retain jobs in the current economy.

It's as if he really doesn't want to retain his.

But, then, what can he do? His mono-philosophy of "no new taxes" leaves him no room to actually suggest innovative ways to fix Nevada's economy or to build infrastructure for a more diversified state. That'd take tax money after all.

So, just when Nevada could use a pep talk, or a real answer to "why stay in this crap-hole state?" it gets fed a downer of gube-ic proportions.

Thanx, gov.

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