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Wallin Keeps Wailin’ on the Gøøber

Kim Wallin Wails on Gube Jim GibbonsNevada Controller and Gibbons’ Nemesis Kim Wallin has hired Mary Keating. (AP) Mary Keating was the state worker (allegedly) wrongly fired by Gibbons and his budget director Andrew Clinger cuz she handed out information to a reporter about the Gube’s “prolific” sexting on a state phone and cuz she didn’t like Clinger’s displays of marital groping in the office. Keating is still suing Gibbons and Clinger over the firing.

One wonders if that’s the only way to get a job in Nevada these days: by first suing the Gube.

Well, whatever works. Get in line folks. Behind Keating, the groped waitress, and Ferret Lady.

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