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Some Gobblin’ Gøøberlets

  • Here's your turkey, Nevada.Looks like a tough Thanksgiving for Nevada charities this year, so you all might want to send a contribution in to your favorite charity. (KLAS)
  • Help the Three Square foodbank folk get more turkeys.
  • Give to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.
  • Or to the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youths.
  • Woah! Local anti-government rag says that Nevada's anti-terrorism fusion centers are just so cool and why aren't we spending more money on them? (RJ) Note we wouldn't want to waste any ink in the ever-shrinking fish-wrapper of record on the cost effectiveness of the centers. Have any more crimes been prevented with them than without them? Nobody knows at the RJ!
  • Elsewhere in the same pape: Members of the Nevada Homeland Insecurity Commission question governor Jim Gibbons' decision to shut down the Nevada Department of Homeland Insecurity. (RJ) Don't miss the recap of the Department's laughable history. Surely there must be room for them in a fusion center somewhere? Maybe next to the retired FBI guy? Or does he snore?
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