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Northern Vegas Wash National Park Proposal Passes Las Vegas and North Las Vegas Councils

This just in from the Protectors of Tule Springs:


Despite the lack of press coverage (more to come
this weekend, I think), the Protectors of Tule Springs, along with
other coalition groups has done what everyone told me was impossible 3
years ago.

The cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas voted
last night on the resolution to protect the Upper Las Vegas Wash as a
National Park Unit. And the County Commission passed the same
resolution on Tuesday. An agreement and single voice to our
Congressional Delegation has been made! I am told these 3 entities
don't often agree on anything.
Not only did they all pass it unanimously, but they gave us huge kudos for bringing everyone together.

I want to thank Sandy Croteau of POTS, Lynn Davis
of the Nat. Parks Conserv. Assc. ,  and Helen Mortenson for running
with all of the details since I am so tied up teaching and going to
UNLV. Also, to Lisa Mayo-Deriso and Rob Mrowka for the talking points
and public relations.

Now, many have asked what they can do now. If you have not called the congressional delegation, please do so TODAY!!
I know Health Care is the #1 issue right now, but they need to hear from us!!!

Sen. Reid 388-5020
Sen. Ensign 388-6605
Cong. Berkley 220-9823
Cong. Titus    387-4941

Thanks to all. This is only the next step. There
will be a lot that needs to still happen to make this National Park
unit a reality!

Jill DeStefano


Cross-posted from Nor'Town.

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