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New Republican Gøøblets

There's always a surprise inside!

  • Read 'em and weep, Reid-Republicans! Northern New York state will predict the outcome of the Nevada primaries better than any waffling liberal prognosticators! Dede Scozzafava, forced out of a New York congressional race by a real Republican, is a sign of things to come. Now, Doug Hoffman, strictly speaking, is not a Republican, running instead in the "Conservative" party. Yet his seductive stands on abortion and gay rights–i.e., there ain't any–won the hearts of true believers and impelled Scozzafava to reveal her real lefty ways: she ended up endorsing the Democrat because Hoffman has all those qualities that made Sarah Palin such an enthralling candidate. (CM)
  • Needless to say, you don't have to a smarty-pants commie pundit to see that the New Republican party is the Old Republican party, just more so. And, yes, that choking sound you hear is the death rattle of the moderate appeasers in the Nevada Republican party who would try to sell Judge Quitter Liberal McBrylcreem as the savior of the party. We know better. Guys like Doug Hoffman and Jim Gibbons are the real beating heart of the Grand OLD party. Just slice open the corpse of George W. Bush, and there you'll find them.
  • Everybody's whining that our boy Jimbo isn't getting that stimulus money out fast enough. (Sun,Sun) It turns out that the Gube's lack of alacrity is simply a ruse to keep unemployment high in Nevada and make Harry Reid look bad for not creating more jobs. What a clever strategy! And it puts Gibbons in the position of hoping the employment numbers get worse! (AP) I can't see any drawbacks to such a clever scheme, can you?
  • Who better than an insular governor proclaiming an insulation day? (TIR)
  • Ah, yes, it wouldn't be a Nevada Day Parade without politicians jockeying shamelessly for a better spot in line. Not to be outdone, James Tiberius Gibbons took part in the 2006 parade as a congressman, not a gube candidate, so he'd get a better spot. (RGJ)
  • Sherman Frederick skeered us all bad a while ago making us think our pal Jimbo has flipped a cog, or simply slipped into a "one and done" stupor. Today, however, Shermy assures us that Gibbons is not dead yet. Sniff! The bit about us owing Gibbons a debt of gratitude really showed Shermy at his poetical best. (RJ)
  • He's not dead yet! Gibbons is holding a fund-raiser on Veterans' Day this month and thousands of dollars will be rolling in! (Sun) What better way to show how much we appreciate our Vets than to throw money at the Gibbons' campaign?
  • However, the incredibly shrinking Sun, which announced today shrinking columns and, earlier, abandonment of local advertising supplements for Henderson and Boulder City, may soon be.
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