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Nevada: The East Berlin of the West

Tear Down This Wall!Scores of Nevada’s best and brightest teens say they’ll be voting with their feet and getting out of the quagmire we call Nevada. (Sun)

Gube candidate Rory Reid has asked the existential question: why stay in Nevada? Nevada’s youth have answered: Good question. See ya!

All of which means that Nevada politicians and leaders–not exactly co-extensive classes, mind you–are faced with the same problem as the leaders of East Germany back in the day of Communism and the Cold War: How do you keep ‘em down on the farm when they’ve read about greener pastures in California, New York, and even Utah?

Okay, maybe not California these days.

I suppose one solution would be to build a wall around the state with guard towers and shoot-to-kill orders whenever a Nevadan spotted with a U-Haul makes for the border. Stateline, NV, could be the new Checkpoint Charlie.

Another solution, perhaps last drastic, would include gubernatorial wannabes actually taken a position on what to about the mess: first, how to drag us out of the present crisis and second, how to avoid its repetition.

Us’n Nevada Republicans, naturally, are most interested in protecting our profits from the proletariat, as we sit around the golf-course drinking our mint juleps and smacking the help on their robust, work hardened rumps. Course we can’t do without the prols completely: somebody’s got to deal blackjack to the gambling addicts down at Steve’s and Sheldon’s joints.

Just one small impediment to any real solution from us’n Nevada Republicans. “Cutting taxes is a given,” we insist. “If you aren’t planning on tax cuts, don’t even bother running,” we tell you. (NN?&V) Oh, and don’t spend anything, either, of course.

In other words, we’re really saying: we like it the way it is. We have enough money in the bank to weather these little troubles, and if necessary we’ll phone in to our hired lackeys in the state house, who are ever desperate for campaign contributions, for a bailout or an appointment to a state board.

If that means our brightest high school kids, or our best workers have to flee the state to survive, well, so be it. They must be losers. Anybody will tell you a free market economy always has losers. How else can it have winners?

You can go over to the Other Side, I suppose. Them Darth Vader Democrats, I mean. But keep in mind us’n Nevada Republicans can yammer on all day about “green jobs,” like the best of them, and in fact we do. But if you don’t come up with a plan that stops taxing the bottom to enrich the top, and doesn’t start smoothing those roller coaster curves we call the Nevada Economy, then you might as well be a Nevada Republican.

I can’t think of any other way to say that which would be more of an insult, either.

Oh, wait. Yes I can. If you don’t do that stuff, you might as well be Jim Gibbons.

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