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Gibbons Proves Again Why He's the Best Choice for GOP Gube Nominee

The "Raging Ferret" Speaks OutBoy, oh, boy, oh boy! Now, could you possibly picture Brian Sandoval or Wazzisname from North Las Vegas–you know, the guy who signed over a $337,000 golden parachute to the city manager up there, you know, the guy against government waste–doing what Jim Gibbons, the best GOP candidate for Nevada Governor, did today?

What was that, you say? Well, the Gube started yammering today about how some legislative subcommittee with a long name that nobody pays any attention to failed to support some obscure regulation and, as a result, screams the Gube, UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENTS MIGHT BE SHUT OFF OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! (Gube)

The head of the, ahem, Nevada Legislative Commission’s Subcommittee to Review
Regulations replied today, that the reason the NLCSRR didn’t approve the regulation was because–yes, you guessed it–another one of the myriad state offices, for which the governor is ultimately responsible, flubbed up:

“The Nevada Employment Security Division brings proposed regulations on unemployment benefits to the legislative subcommittee every year for approval after they have taken public input,” [Chair Markus} Conklin said. “The agency came to us this year for carte blanche ‘pre-approval,’ circumventing the public process. Committee members told
them to develop emergency regulations instead, which would be in effect for 120 days, so that a public hearing could be held on final regulations without payments being interrupted in any way.”

At the same time, Legislative Counsel officially informed the Subcommittee that unemployment payments were never, ever endangered by whatever all this obscure legislative minutiae was really about.

So, to recap: the governor attacked a legislative subcommittee over a regulation--proposed by an agency under the Gube's purview which was trying to cut corners and avoid public comment--a regulation that the governor has so completely misunderstood that it doesn't even do what he said it does.

Now, you can't buy that kind of governing, Nevada, except maybe unless your Sheldon Adelson!

Of course, the Gibber's desperate attempt to look gubernatorial has nothing to do with the fact that this week Reno magazine is featuring an interview with none other than the "betrayed" Dawn Gibbons, on the occasion, I'm guessing, of the impending divorce trial between her and our Protect Marriage Act supporting Jimbo, or that many of the Republicans In Name Only are abandoning the beating heart and soul of the Nevada Republican Party--yes, I mean Jim Gibbons--for stuffed suits and fancy haircuts.

Nope, couldn't have been any one of those things. I'm guessing it was probably just gas.

[UPDATE: Or maybe he was just trying to distract us from the meltdown over at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, better known as the Nevada Unemployment Agency. (RGJ) You know, one of those state agencies Gibbons is the putative head off.]

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