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Gibbons' Brain: A Telephone Book in a Shoebox

Phonebook in a Shoebox in an IdiotHarry Reid’s folks are circulating a press release saying that your governor Jim Gibbons is still making the same claim that the bomb attached to the Reidmobile back in mob days was only a telephone book in a shoebox:

From the release:

Even after Sue Lowden’s and Gov. Jim Gibbons’ false claims about the attempted murder of Senator Reid were debunked time and again with a mountain of
evidence to the contrary, Gibbons once again took a page from ally Sue
Lowden’s playbook to make the same mindboggling denial a second time.
Despite the numerous media stories, the 1981 police report, and eye
witness accounts, Gov. Gibbons lied on Nevada Newsmakers today, stating
the car bomb was only a “telephone book” and a “shoe box.”

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Ray. If you read the report, and I hope you read the police report. Did you read it? Did you read it?” said Gibbons on the program. “It didn’t say car bomb. It said it was a shoe box with a phone book in it. The last time I defined bomb, it wasn’t a shoe box with a phone book in it. If it is, Nextel is a weapon of mass destruction proliferator, because that is not a bomb.”

Sigh. You know, I’m really trying my best to help Jimbo survive the primary, but you know, the home office could really do us all a favor by muzzling my pal Jimbo for the next 10 months.

And, jeez, you don’t waste the made-up raw meat on the main stream press, guys! You save that for the loony underground. You know, the ones who want to believe again.

[UPDATE: Gube spokesfolk are backpedaling fast. (Sun)]

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