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Gøøber Goin’ Totally Palin

Governor Jim Gibbons Goes Totally Palin!Stand back, Nevada! Jim Gibbons is going totally Palin on your ass!

Yep. Gibbons has gone rogue over the stimulus money, and singlehandedly usurped the powers of the Legislative Interim Finance Committee by approving at least 11 projects without any Legislative oversight. (INP)

Course, us'n Gibbons-Republicans–all 10% or so of us–think that the IFC is an unconstitutional, illegal entity created to steal tax money from gaming trust-fund babies and Incline Village triple-dippers.

Well, what'd you liberal pansies expect? You've been whining about Gibbers not getting the stimulus money out fast enough. Now, Just because Jimbo has decided unilaterally to decrease the branches of Nevada government by two, why you just start whining all over again.

Well, live with it, losers! You just gotta break some eggs to make the trains run on time, you know?

Man, that is the neatest part of being a Gibbons' Republican. It gives a whole new flexibility to your reasoning powers. Your metaphors, too.

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