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From the Folk What Brung You Jim Gibbons…

Nevada governor Jim Gibbons show his esteem for his predecessor.First they stick us with the only fellow truly worthy of the title “Republican governor,” and then they run away after learning what that really means.

Abandon rule by pure market forces and the resulting slaughter-bench of all decent human values? Abandon the creed of no new taxes–except maybe a room tax or two but that’s okay if you don’t sign the bill?

What about the above fails to lift the hearts of every real, true hearted, Pew-hating Nevada Republican?

Look at the list of traitors giving money to the turncoat Brain Sandoval at a recent fund-raiser, according to a Ralstonian flash:

  • Ex-Gube Kenny Guinn (but, he’s always hated Gibbons for Gibby’s party purity!)
  • Sen. Bill Raggio (Et tu, Billo?)
  • Sen Randolf Townsend (Republican in Name Only if I ever saw one!)
  • Norm Dianda
  • Blake Smith
  • Louie Damonte
  • Perry DiLoreto
  • Mike Alonso
  • Pete Ernaut
  • Greg Ferraro

Oh, yeah: there some Tea party Traitors floating around out there who think Sandoval has the GOP-goofy chops to take over the party.

Now, aside from RINO Kenny Guinn, whose disgust with the current Gube is well known–but who was also too big a pussy to make that public in 2006 and come out for Titus–most of these folks were on board the Gibbons’ express, or “train wreck” as we call it around the Monger manse, in 2006.

So, here’s a question all you folk with your little girlie crushes on Brian Sandoval have to ask yourselves: Why were these folks in favor of Gibbers in 2006?

Why ask the question? Because they’re picking Sandoval for the same reasons they picked Gibbons in 2006: he’ll be a do-nothing, anti-taxer who won’t want to make substantive changes in Carson City. In other words, he’ll be working hard not to do anything about Nevada’s problems, like its inability to build a stable, diversified economy, or its unmoving position at the bottom of the “good” lists and the top of the “bad.”

Speaking of which: oh, look! Nevada is 45 out of 50 in the list of healthy states according to Forbes! But, hey, Louisiana is worse!

So, look. We Nevada Republicans hate change, right? So why go with some unknown metrosexual from the Federal bench? You KNOW Gibby! Come on! Stick with the stupid you know!

Did I say Sandoval was a Federal judge? Why, that even has that awful word “Federal” right in it. You got to hate him, just for that!

So, you turncoats think you can skeer off me and my pal Jimbo? Well, you don’t know just how crazy we can get.

Just remember: Brian ain’t no Messiah!

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1 comment to From the Folk What Brung You Jim Gibbons…

  • Paul

    Please, its better than the Chicken Lady ( Rory) from Kids in the Hall. I just wish Ms. Buckley would have not had to ask Harry, what her political decision would be.