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Bring Out Your Dead Guberlets

  • Gov Jim GIbbons was easily found schmoozing for the press when handing out sparkly license plates to relatives of fallen servicefolk. (RGJ) It was a little harder to find him when they stopped flying the POW-MIA flag at the state capitol, though. (RJ)
  • Gibbons and Ferret Lady will call a truce in order to promote the war on drugs. (Sun) Message: drugs are bad, m’kay? Sexting behind your spouse’s back? Oh, why not?
  • This just in: Texting can spell divorce. ( Careful with that blackberry, cheaters! It’s a boon to divorce attorneys. However, if you do it on a state owned phone, well, that’s top secret and not for the prying eyes of the public who paid for it.
  • JIm GIbbons toast? Where does Jim Day get his crazy ideas?
  • One good thing about the incredibly shrinking Las Vegas Newspapers: Sherm Frederick got bumped from the Sunday hardcopy. The RJ made up for it by running that 20th incarnation of Chuck Myth’s “How JImbo can get his mojo back” piece in the opinionated section, though. Chuck must simply move around a few sentences in that thing every few months and then republish. Saves having to think too much, I guess. Still, there always seems to be a new gaffe every few weeks, too, necessitating the reprint. Holy cow! Myth and Gibbers have invented a perpetual motion machine!
  • The RJ also notes that Gibbons isn’t dead yet. Not in his own head, or the heads of the yes-people surrounding him in the Carson Fusion Center Bunker, at any rate. Eva! Bring the cyanide!

Nevada Republicans: Bring Out Your Dead
Hey, UNR students and alums! Who’s dat carrying the Gube?

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