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1984 Came Early This Year

Dr. Strangegov

Everybody feeling safer now that the Nevada Homeland Insecurity folk have given Homeland Insecurity Czar Rick Eaton the boot? (RJ,NevApp)

Boy, I sure am. Especially after reading what a great job the office is doing under the political leadership of our own little Homeland Security Chief, Jimbo Gibbons, or as we like to call him around the 'Monger manse, Dr. StrangeGov:

[HS Chief Commissioner] Carrison said key areas of the
critical infrastructure, citizen corps and communication programs have
not been progressing adequately and risk losing federal funding.

"On my watch I don't want Nevada giving any of the money back to the
federal government because of bureaucratic tangles or the failure of
someone to perform," the chairman said.

Whazzat? Another division may lose federal funding due to incompetent leadership? But, but, WHO's responsible??

Carrison said he is less
interested in placing blame than he is in fixing the problems. "Let's
all get in the boat and row in the same direction," he said.

Carrison said he has no way of objectively judging Eaton's performance, because Eaton did not answer to him.

Hmm. Who does that HS Chief answer to, then? Well, it used to be our man Jimbo, but not anymore, as the Commission moved Homeland Security to the Department of Public Safety, mainly to, according to the Vice Chair, break "the direct connection to Gov. Jim Gibbons."

So, let me get this straight. Homeland Security may be losing funding due to the incompetence of its leadership, so the solution is to distance the department as much as possible from that leadership, i.e., Dr. StrangeGov?

Ahh. Implausible deniability prior to the election. Clever scheme, Doctor!

By the way, have a look at that "Citizen Corps" aka "Citizens Freedom Corps." doc over at the Nevada HS site. It's full of all sorts of helpful things you can do to help out during the war on terror. Like spying on your neighbors.

Course, it's written under the careful leadership of John Ashcroft, so you'd expect stuff like that.

Now, how come Grover Norquist devotees don't volunteer to drown an agency like Homeland Security which nobody would miss very much, anyways?

Hey remember when Public Safety lost a bunch of guns (90 actually) and drugs from the Fallon office? Well, the Attorney General has decided that no criminal charges will be filed in the case, apparently because nobody can quite figure out what the Hell happened. (My4) Just another reason to hand Homeland Security over to Public Safety, right?

My guess about the guns? Dawn's stockpiling guns and blow for a coup d'etat. Hey, can't have a coup without blow.

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