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Yep, He’s Still Gube Gøøblets

Jim Gibbons is Still Our Gube!

  • The likelihood of a special session of the Legislature later this year probably will be determined today as Jim Gibbons and the lady he calls "Enraged Ferret" meet to determine who gets what from the family millions as part of the divorce settlement. (RJ) Come on, Dawn: hold out for that Elko land that got Gibbons all entangled with the revenooers. It has sentimental value to all us'n Gøøb-watchers. Besides, we're all looking forward to that legislative session to cover up the divorce trial. Don't let us down now! And: think of the children! You know, all the Gibbons children that are all grown up.
  • Extra points go the Review-Journal for still calling Dawn the "estranged" wife despite the fact Jimbo instigated divorce proceedings and nobody is stranger than he! (RJ)
  • Gibbons votes against a tax study because he thinks he knows what's in the study even before even one word has been written in it. Demagoguery makes all that readin' and studyin' stuff so superfluous, don't it?
  • Desert Beacon reminds us that Gibbons' new energy czar helped Gibbons fight all those global warming rumors, back in the day. (DB) Gee, has it only been two years since that happened?
  • AH HA! Gibbons DOES have a plan to raise taxes, and it's called "home rule." (AP) What a clever way to get around Gibbons' 2/3 majority requirement to raise taxes in the legislature!
  • Gibbons won't appoint himself or Brian Sandoval if John Ensign decides to zip up and leave the Senate. (RGJ,RJ) I'm guessing that leaves Sharron Angle at the top of the list.
  • Dow Jones over 10,000; Wall Street types to get bonuses as high as in 2007. Aren't you glad you bailed those guys out? Why don't you send them your unemployment check, too, just as a token of your esteem?
  • Watch this space for a dramatic announcement!

Tired of Gøøblets? Rory Reid announces bid for Gube in Las Vegas and Reno.

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