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World Without Gibbons

Jim Gibbons: World Without Gibbons Without PantsFollowing up on that book called “World Without Us,” I was wondering, what would the World Without Gibbons be like?

For example, what would campaign finance be without the governor setting the highest standards?

The [campaign finance] disclosure laws are so weak that Gov. Jim Gibbons created a legal
defense fund but initially hid its donors’ identities, only to release
the information in 2007 after being pressured by the media. (Sun)

And Sue Lowden’s campaign for Senate?

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R), for example, is arguably the nation’s least popular and most scandal-plagued governor, and is all but guaranteed a humiliating loss next year if he seeks re-election. Nevada’s junior senator, meanwhile, is John Ensign (R), who is now facing scrutiny from the FBI and the Senate Ethics Committee.

In the midst of all of this, former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Lowden is gearing up to take on Reid next year, and has received considerable encouragement from GOP leaders and the party establishment. The trick for Lowden now is figuring out what to do with her connections to Gibbons and Ensign. Last week, she told the Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza, “I never called on them to resign. I am supportive of both of them.” (Political Animal)

And where would we be without his consistent leadership in the Medical Board crisis?

But [resigning-maybe Board member Jean] Stoess said she gave a reporter a memo in which Gibbons indicated to the Board of Medical examiners that he no longer wanted members to adopt any regulations regarding medical assistants.In public announcements, the governor has said repeatedly he wants the board to ask a judge to reconsider a decision last week throwing out an emergency regulation to allow medical assistants to give flu shots. (RJ)

And how would the Stimulus Fund thing work without Gibbons’ Stimulus Czar providing centralized reporting?

In a Sept. 16 memo to [state Controller] Wallin, [Nevada Stimulus Czar] Harvey wrote: “The bottom line is these
agencies will be reporting to and through my office on all matters related to ARRA.”

Harvey, however, said Monday that having a single source point for recovery fund reporting may not be the most efficient.

“I know that the governor is interested in centralizing the process,” Harvey said. He added that he had spoken to stimulus coordinators in other states, and most are having “issues” with reporting mandates. (AP)

Woah. How could we possibly do without him?

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