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They Stole His Balloons!!!

They stole Jim Gibbons' balloons!!!!The jaded, Gibbons-hating liberal media has stolen Jim Gibbons’ balloons!

After mercilessly hounding his chief of staff about her possible violation of the Hatch Act, merely for organizing a fund-raiser for her boss, Robin Reedy has canceled the party. (RGJ)

It boggles the mind how this simple act of generosity by Ms. Reedy could possibly be considered illegal.

Just look what the Act prohibits: it prohibits a public official from using “official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the results of an election or nomination.” (HatchAct)

How could anyone in their right mind interpret organizing a fund raiser by the governor’s chief of staff, a public official of the great state of Nevada, as using her “official authority” to “affect the results of an election or nomination”??

Since when did fund-raising “affect the results of an election”? Well? And who could possibly think that by attending the party, they may gain special access to the governor? Or that by failing to attend, they might get shut out of the manse?

Complete balderdash!

And look at this bit of the Hatch Act, which prohibits a public official from “directly or indirectly” coercing “contributions from subordinates in support of a political party or candidate.” No doubt a liberal Democrat might wonder if gubes’s deputy chief of staff running the campaign website indicates any such coercion going on in the governor’s mansion.

All I can say is, how dare you, jaded liberal Democrats! Just because there is an appearance of unethical and possibly illegal activity going on in the Gube keep, doesn’t mean it really is.

Sometimes you just have to believe in your leaders. Just look at the campaign site–the one created by a a state worker, her salary paid for with your fine tax dollars. IT says Gibbons is a good man.

You see? All you have to do is believe, again!

[UPDATE: See? See? If you try hard enough, you can explain it all away! (RGJ) Just believe, again!]

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