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Special Announcement! Time for Drastic Measures to Save Our Gibby! Become a RIRO!

Save Jim Gibbons! Become a Republican in Registration Only!Okay, Comrades. The nonsense and idiocy has got to stop.

I mean the nonsense and idiocy that would drive nonsense and idiocy from the Nevada Republican Party. More specifically, I mean the central core of nonsense and idiocy lurking at the very heart of Nevada Republicanism, James Tiberius Gibbons.

What with threats of slick-haired/quitter moderates infiltrating the Republican party ranks while the fetid core of the party dwindles away, the time has come for the ‘Monger to make the ultimate sacrifice to help drag the Gøøber into the general election.

Yes, friends, I am pulling an anti-Muth: I have changed the party affiliation on my Nevada registration to Republican and I plan to vote for Jim Gibbons in the primary.

Yes, you read it here first, friends. I publicly and freely announce that I am now officially a member of the Nevada Republican Party, and I will, repeat, will be voting for Jim Gibbons in the primary.

Don’t try to talk me out of it, Comrades. The Gibbers’ recently reported wretched polling and the rise of fake Republicans who feebly and faintly reject the no-taxes, no-nothing core of Nevada Republicanism have forced my hand.
To save the NVRep party from itself and to fight its rejection of the man who most imminently and thoroughly represents its core values, I must take these radical steps.

I cannot proceed on this difficult road alone, however. Thus I must ask you, Comrades, to follow me on this most difficult of journeys. I must ask you to change your party affiliation with the Clark County registrar, if you aren’t already batshit crazy to belong to it already, and pledge to vote for Jim Gibbons in the primary.

John Ensign: Keep it in your pants!The first, small step, is to join the facebook group Nevada Republicans in Registration Only (RIROs). Everybody knows how effective that will be. And then be sure to invite all your friends. Everybody loves to be invited to stuff on Facebook! My friends over there will no doubt be thrilled when I invite all of them.

Bear in mind that the Democratic primary is going to be a pretty lame affair. Oh, my! Such a wide range of choices for their Governor and Senate candidates! Shall I pick a Reid or a Reid?

But the Republican primary! Wow! Look at all those Senate choices! I mean, how can one decide between minime Tark and Mark Nevada Mining Association Amodei? They both epitomize Nevada Republican values so well! And Sharron Angle. Sharron F-in’ Angle. Man, who gets a chance to vote for HER as a dem?

Most importantly, Comrades, we must give the Nevada electorate as a whole, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, or whatever that other one is from up North, a chance to vote and voice their opinion about Jim Gibbons. Don’t let the Republican party steal that opportunity from you, as they have done with so many others.

So, come aboard Comrades! You’re friends may shun you, and your family call for professional help, but do you have what it takes to be a Nevada RIRO for Jimbo?

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