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So, Who Wants to Hug Tom Collins?

Now there's a desert tortoise we wouldn't mind seeing under a bulldozer!
So here's Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins, expressing his excitement with the thought Clark County won't be caring for abandoned desert tortoises anymore and his hatred of all small animals getting in the way of unrestricted development:

“This is almost like tree-hugger frustration. Can’t find no trees to protect in the desert so it’s tortoises.” (Sun)

Anybody know why he doesn't switch to the Republican party? Anyone?

Oh, yeah, about that. Watch this space for a dramatic announcement. Well, an announcement, anyways.

Though I must admit it's fascinating how everyone who was either agin or sitting on the fence about that Tule Springs park is on board now:

In mid-August, the Sun wrote about the National Parks Conservation
Association joining the push to designate about 35,000 fossil-filled
acres in the northern portion of the Las Vegas Valley as a national
monument. [...]

A lot has been going on behind the scenes. Commissioner Tom Collins
is close to finishing the wording on a county resolution urging federal
authorities to preserve the area because it has the potential to be an
educational and economic dynamo.

Additionally, North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck, whose city is
“highly in favor” of the designation, said she met two weeks ago with
staff of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., regarding the Tule
Springs area. She said Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., has also expressed
“great interest.” This week, she plans to meet with Las Vegas Mayor
Oscar Goodman and Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross to “hear what their
concerns might be … because I’m assuming there’s going to be a
partnership and we want to be supporting each other.” (Sun)

Hmm. A little call from the feds and all the sudden everybody's in favor of the park, and talk of a fat new highway north of the 215 seems to have vanished.

Looks like the desert tortoise needs better connections inside the Obama administration.

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