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Reno Events for Rory Reid: Plus Kickoff Blather

For you folks up north: Rory Reid will be kicking off his kick Gibbons out of office gube campaign at the following locales:

WHAT: Rory Reno Kickoff Event

WHERE: California Building in Idlewild Park in Reno.

WHEN: Thursday, October 15 at 5:30 p.m. A barbecue will follow.

There's media blather about event via the Review-Journal–punctuated by a lot of down-in-the-mouth Republican whining in the comments, and Jon Ralston is waiting until after the campaign puts out the "Vision" booklet thing to "tear apart" and "caricature" it, though he seems relieved that at least the Dems won't have to grind through the Gøøbner Grover Norquist crap like every single one of the Rep Gubewannabes will, including the handsome quitter with the shiny hair. Also, check out the RGJ.

Las Vegas Sun has a copy of the "Vision" booklet thing.

I'm still waiting for somebody to say "a solar panel on every Vegas roof!" It's not too late guys.

By the way: watch this space for an amazing announcement!

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Southern festivities in Las Vegas are today. Details here.

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