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Post-Christmas Special Session Coming, I’m Guessing

Jim Gibbons Kisses the Girls and Makes Them Cry.
That special session of the legislature that is so, so necessary for plugging up holes in the budget is pretty much a sure thing, I'm guessing, now that Jim and Dawn will going to trial over Jimbo's inability to keep it zipped up. (RJ)

Hope Legislators won't mind meeting between Christmas and New Year's cuz the trial starts December 28th, and that's when the Gube will be needing the most cover. Especially if his legion of paramours will be testifying in Dawn's behalf.

Bring a warm coat, guys and dolls.

And didn't Dawn have a slick response for not getting a job like the judge ordered? She can't because her estranged husband has turned Nevada into a job-seekers hell hole and turned all her connected friends against her. Thanks, Jim!

What, no positions open at Sierra Nevada Corp.?


In the first lady's settlement
proposal, Dunlap said soon after being elected governor, Gibbons "began
his clandestine plan to acquire his retirement nest (the Lamoille
property) and to shed his wife."

Gibbons never disclosed to her that he had secured a loan to buy the
property and that he plans to spend his time with "some of his many
lady friends" there, Dunlap said. (RJ)]

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