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Opposite Man

Jim Gibbons: Opposite Man in Opposite Club
Nevada governor Jim Gibbons felt it necessary to contradict his own lawyer yesterday after said lawyer, rightly concerned with the limited prospects of his client, asserted

“At this time, persons who claim some expertise in the field predict
his employment will end January 2011,” Gibbons’ lawyer wrote. (RGJ)

No doubt Gibbons' lawyer was making the point to try to cut off the Enraged Ferret's access to Jimbo's assets, even though the gube is probably double and triple dipping off of many a big government retirement account, which will be quite intact even after he's safely put out to pasture at the cattle "ranch" in Elko.

Yes, dear friends, big government is okay as long as it profits the Gibbers directly, just one of many opposites embodied in our own, homegrown opposite man.

Yet Jimbo's response–"Quite the opposite"–had all the opacity and milkiness that has become the earmark of his sybylline murmurings. What did he mean? That experts DON'T predict he'll be kicked out of office in January 2011? Or was he insinuating that his successor will "pull a Gibbons" and awake at midnight to hastily take the oath of office just to insure Gibbons' reign of boobosity doesn't ooze into even a second of 2011?

Still the prospect that the Gibbons' campaign won't even survive the primary is still disturbing. Every Nevadan, even Democrats and Independents, deserve an opportunity to be an opposite man or woman as far as the Gube is concerned.

But more about that later.

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