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More Rory Reid Barbecuing in Vegas Sunday

WHAT: Barbecue for Rory Reid's Gubernatorial Campaign

WHERE: Justice Myron E. Leavitt Family Park (formerly known as Jaycee Park) near Eastern and East St. Louis avenues, Las Vegas, NV.

WHEN: Sunday, October 18, 4pm. Rory Reid will have brief remarks at 5pm.

I had one of them spicy hamburgers at the Wednesday shindig, and they aren't too bad. Could use some jalapeños, though. Course, he may ask you to pay for that burger, eventually.

Up in the right hand corner of this blog is a link to that vision thing, which may have a couple conflicts with the state constitution. (Sun) But, you know what? That constitution's been changed more than Gibbons texts galpals. So, what's new?

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