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Jim Gibbons Remains Beacon of Hope for Democratic, I Mean, Republican Party, Pundit Says, Sorta

Jeez, whatever happened to a little dab'll do ya? Up on northern Nevada TeeVee, they’re saying that Jim Gibbons remains a beacon of hope for the core true believers of the Nevada Republican party. You know, guys like me and Jimbo:

One elected Democrat who wished to stay anonymous told us,
“enthusiasm among the base is very low. Maybe it’ll get better but
right now it’s not there, and everyone pretty much agrees that
[Republican frontrunner Brian] Sandoval will run away with it.”

[Eric who used to be a Gibbons apologist but now is just one big sellout to the Liberal wing of the Nevada Republican Party] Herzik
says if they aren’t entusiastic [sic] about Rory Reid, many Democrats would
pick Sandoval for Governor even if they do vote to keep Harry Reid in
the Senate.

“Nevadans have not been shy about splitting their tickets before.”

That is if Sandoval gets the Republican nomination.

His biggest challenge – believe it or not – could come from current Governor Jim Gibbons.

“I don’t see how he’s going to have money to mount a campaign, but in a sense that hasn’t stopped him before,” says Herzik.

may be the least popular governor in Nevada history, but the relatively
few that do support him are thrilled with his anti-tax stance. They
also do one other thing: vote. Always.

In a Republican primary, the most conservative voters tend to have a better turnout than moderates. (KTVN)

Hey, haven’t I been saying that Jimbo will win the hearts and minds of the true core of Nevada Republicans? Quitter McBrylcreem just ain’t got the crazy.

And just listen to the whiny dems! Hey, you’ve voted for conservatives who fooled you into thinking they’re progressives lots of times! Think Barack and Harry. Can Jimbo and I help it if you don’t have the balls to vote for candidates who represent the party’s core values?

Still, everybody better hurry and join the Nevada Republicans before they’re as boring as the Dems!

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