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He's Not Dead Yet

Life of Brian SandovalNow that I’m a Nevada Republican, and a true believer like my pal Jimbo in the central core of goofiness that lives inside the party like a tumor, I am deeply offended by Quitter Sandoval’s lame-o campaign slogan: “A reason to believe again.” (VT&S)

We Nevada Republicans have plenty to believe in already, thank  you Mr. Messiah-wannabe Sandoval. We already believe in “no new taxes” and, um, “no new taxes.” Oh, and no new fees, too. Except on hotel rooms. Oh yeah, just don’t ask us to put that in writing.

Still, what else is there to believe in, for Nevada Republicans? Why, Jim Gibbons has single handedly dismantled Nevada State government like no governor before him, and yet everyone is sitting around wondering what he has accomplished during his first term as gube. He’s done most everything the small government party of Ronald Reagan has ever wanted. The gum’ment has been drowned in the bathtub.

All that disengagment and skirt-chasing has paid off, big time!

So, what’s Sandoval got for us true believers to believe in? Government giveaways? Big government in the medicine cabinet?

Or maybe he’d like us to believe in that trick from 2003 when as Attorney General he tried to undermine the Gibbers’ supermajority requirement on tax bills in the Nevada Legislature by allowing some tax bills to pass on a simple majority. Woah, talk about judicial activism! Even folks in favor of the new taxes back then thought the Nevada Supreme Court, at Sandoval’s instigation, was way out of line on that one.

Woah, he tried to make us believe that 1/2 = 2/3rds! Now, there’s a miracle!

I wonder if they’ll teach that in math class?

Ooo. I can’t believe I just made a link to Glenn Cook. Boy, I’d never have done that if I were still a wimpoid Democrat.

Speaking of Jimbo, tho, I’ve come up with the campaign’s slogan:

Jim Gibbons is Not Dead, Yet!

Call me, Dan-o! You know that’s the best you can do!

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