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Gøøblets: Even the Review-Journal Thinks Gibbons is Nuts

  • No, really! Once in awhile the Las Vegas Review-Journal, or the Muthwannabe Times-Herald as we call it around the 'Monger manse, comes out against the Gibbers. However, what makes the current RJ spew particularly perplexing, is that they rake the Gube over the coals for actually calling for a reduction in a tax, that tax, perversely, being the state unemployment tax. (RJ) Yes, it was truly goofy for Gibbons to call for a reduction in the tax just at the time he's begging the Fed's to keep the unemployment fund filled, but it is truly a sign of the Apocalypse that the RJ called him on it.
  • So, tell me: is calling Sue Lowden "handpicked" by Jim Gibbons to run the Nevada Republican party supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? (NVDems) Does it count that she ran it into the ground while she was there? Still, I suppose we won't be seeing Jimbo at many Republican campaign events this year, other than his own.
  • Ms. Lowden's comedy stylings make a big-city blog. (Fix)
  • Endless divorce may never end, Reno reporter threatens. (RGJ) If a settlement between the Groper and Ferret Lady can't be reached this month, then there could be a five to six day trial later in the winter. I'm guessing the special session will be held somewhere around those same dates, and the outcome of this month's hearing may have something to do with whether or not the session will be called in the first place. Just guessing, tho.
  • The chair of the House Committee on Transportation sent a note to the Gøøber Thursday wondering what the hell he's doing with his stimulus funds. (Sun) Rumors that Gibbons was still considering the color of the sound-barrier wall he plans to have installed between the Gube manse and guest quarters wherein Ferret Lady dwells using the funds could not be confirmed. In all honesty, I really didn't try to confirm that last bit at all, tho.
  • Apparently if you want to find out about how much the state Transportation Department is spending from the funds, you shouldn't bother asking the Stimulus Czar, because he won't know. The Department itself, however, does. (RJ) Somebody should probably give Mr. Harvey a copy of the state phone list. And maybe a phone, too. One without texting features, of course. Let's not ask for trouble.

For your viewing pleasure: the Gube beats up on a student who dares ask him a question:

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