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For Gubewannabes In Search of an Actual Issue

A solar panel on every roof!So, I went on that Solar Tour thing last weekend and saw a couple of houses with people living in them who could afford to shell out $30,000 or $40,000 to put a solar panel on the roof and an inverter in the garage.

The owners liked to brag about being "net-zero," which means they are basically pulling no power out of NV Energy's coal-burning power lines.

Now, a candidate for governor who wants to look all Jack Kennedy-like, promote jobs in southern Nevada, reduce Las Vegas' carbon footprint, and maybe keep the solar folks from covering Nevada wilderness with solar arrays, might just want to sit down and figure out a way the state of Nevada could add substantially to Federal subsidies for home solar panels. The Federal subsidies keep getting better and better, but still most people can't afford to be "net-zero" without more help.

Such a candidate might package the whole deal by advocating some lofty, fly-to-the-moon goal, like: a solar panel on every house in the Vegas valley by 2020. You know, the kind of thing that makes people think there's a future for the valley and which shows some "vision" beyond nattering over budget numbers and kissing up to casino barons.

Sure, it would be a real trick to pull it off, especially with the budget challenges facing the next Gube. But, you know, presumably the next Gube will be somebody much smarter than the current inhabitant of the Gov's manse, and somebody who wants to say more than "no new taxes" or wants more for Nevada than to malinger at the bottom of all the good lists and the top of the bad.

So, come on, Gubewannabes. Gibbons will provide the side-show for the election. You can actually put something on the table this time besides accents, waitress-slapping, and napkin hats.

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