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Evidence of a Psychotic Break, Maybe?

Intrepid news hound Fatcat Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick has detected a change in mental state viz. the putative Nevada governor, Jim Gibbons. (RJ) The attitude shift was detected at an affair dubbed a "soiree" by Mr. Frederick, probably one of those clandestine rightwing orgies to which we hoi polloi are neither invited nor welcomed.

Mr. Fred further noted that Jimbo acted as if a "weight had lifted" from his shoulders.

Most disturbing, actually, is the Gøøb behavior Mr. Fred expected:

In the past when I've been around the governor at social events (which
is infrequent, I admit), he seemed ill at ease and guarded to the point
of appearing paranoid.

So, Mr. Fred is basically surprised that Gibbons isn't his usually creepy, paranoic self.

Feel free to speculate as to the cause of the Gibbers' change of mood:

  1. Carson City police will soon find Dawn's brutally murdered body tucked away in a broom closet in the gøøb manse.
  2. The Gov's finally got his meds balanced. Will soon be indicating surprise at his current office and wondering how he got elected.
  3. Relief that he won't have to struggle for that one percent of the crazies Joe Heck had tied up.
  4. Gibbons finally found a MILF that's into sexting.
  5. Psychotic break.

Or perhaps he's taking joy in the consistency of his leadership. Consider that on Tuesday we learned the following about Jean Stoess who was resigning/not resigning/long gone from the state Medical Board:

Gibbons spokesman Daniel Burns
said the governor never asked her to resign in the first place. He said
Gibbons is leaving it up to her whether she resigns.

"The ball is in her court," Burns said. (RJ)

But, just today, we note:

Stoess said Friday that she would resign. But by Monday she had put
her resignation on hold, saying that before making a decision she
wanted to hear from the governor.

She did the following day. “Stacy Woodbury of the governor’s office
just said the governor wants me to resign because leaking confidential
information cannot be condoned,” Stoess said.

“I don’t think I should resign, but who wants to stay on a board dealing with people like that?” she said. (Sun)

So, I'm putting money on psychotic break. Anybody know of a casino posting odds?

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