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Chuck Myth Reinvents Broken Wheel Called ‘Review Journal’

Chuck Muth, shown here trying to resurrect Jim Gibbons, againOne doubts Michael Mishak was able to keep a straight face describing the latest Myth, Inc., enterprise.

Chuck plans to create a "news service" wherein Chuck writes his "fair and balanced" drivel, albeit anonymously, and calls it "news". All the while the endeavor will be funded by his old right-wing PAC funded by the likes of ex-state senator and U.S. Senatorwannabe Mark Amodei.

But that's not even the interesting part. What's truly bizarre about the enterprise is the idea that Nevada lacks a news "service" which "reports" news with a conservative bias. Nevada already has such a monstrosity called the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Just look what Myth promises, and then compare that to the RJ.

“We may take a different perspective on some stories,” he said. “Others
will look at how budget cuts will affect welfare moms. We might look at
how tax hikes affect small businesses.” (Sun)

Apparently Chuck hasn't read the RJ for the last couple of weeks. It was full of stories of how business owners whined about minuscule tax hikes. (VT&S,RJ) And not a one about a welfare mom.

"Welfare mom," though, is a nice touch, I'll grant. Only the AARP-eligible will be able to make sense of that Reagan-era canard, and it's exactly the type of thing Tom Mitchell might spew, so it will probably appeal to the decrepit target audience, most living in Elko and Incline Village, probably.

Which raises the question again: how is this new thing supposed to differ from the crusty old RJ?

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