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Car Bombings ARE Funny if Democrats Blow Up

It's only funny when Democrats blow up!Now that I’m an official Nevada Republican*, unlike backstabbers like Chuck Muth, I’ve had a complete change of perspective about all sorts of things, including humor.

Take the illustration to the right.

it is totally tasteless and not a bit funny. Depicting the senseless car bombing of a serious candidate for the United States Senate is just beyond all bounds of civil discourse and entirely inappropriate.

Even the sudden appearance of a napkin hat cannot save this pathetic display.

But, wait. Now picture the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Lowden’s place. Har, har, har! Now, THAT’s funny! Good times, boy howdy! Especially the napkin hat!

Why just ask my old pal and defender of true American values Jim Gibbons. Why, he, apparently, sat idly by at a radio talk show where everyone was making fun of the Harry Reid car bombing and said that the bomb was just a “telephone book in a shoebox.” (RJ–click the audio link in the left sidebar)

Har, har! Telephone book in a shoebox!

It’s funny because our silly liberal leaning law enforcement community took that bomb threat seriously:

Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell confirmed the existence of a device “hooked from the engine to the fuel tank.”

The device “was designed to make the car explode,” he said.

When asked about the theory that the wiring was a stereo hookup, Cassell said, “it is not included in the report.”

News stories from 1981 also contradict claims law enforcement took the incident lightly.

In a Review-Journal story, Lt. Don Simon of the Metropolitan Police
Department’s Intelligence Bureau stated that someone removed a spark
plug in Reid’s engine and extended a wire to the gas tank in an attempt
to make the car blow up when started.

A story in the Las Vegas Sun stated, “Officers described the device
in Reid’s car as, ‘a crude bomb trigger, but one that could work if a
spark had reached the gas tank.’ “

A story in the Nevada State Journal from Reno began, “An apparent
murder attempt was uncovered when former Gaming Commission Chairman
Harry Reid discovered his car was rigged to explode, police said

When asked whether she was aware of news accounts of the incident,
[true patriot and car bomb-fetishist Heidi] Harris said, “All I’m doing is raising questions. I’m not an
investigative reporter. I don’t have time to spend hours of my life
digging up old police reports.” (RJ)

Damn straight Ms. Harris is “not an investigative reporter!” True radio patriots fighting for the just cause of Nevada Republikanism don’t need FACTS! All they have to do is BELIEVE AGAIN!

And aren’t you glad law enforcement didn’t take Gibbons’ waitress-socking as serious?

So, look, the highest official in the state, the governor, says the Harry Reid bombing was fake and a fit object for ridicule. Take that, naysayer wimp Democrats! Car bombing Democrats IS funny! Q.E.D.

No doubt the governor will be coming out with new guidelines for bomb threats, such as suggesting that if anything looks like a bomb, kick it hard first to make sure it isn’t a fake before wasting law enforcement’s precious time. After all, public safety will probably be looking at force cutbacks soon as the economy continues to tank. Can’t have them answering every little old bomb threat.

All the more reason to make government more efficient, by, say, letting the gube chief of staff run campaign fundraisers. Oh wait, here come the whiners!

A chief of staff is “too close to the governor,” said Fred Lokken, a
professor of political science at Truckee Meadows Community College.
“You can’t help but have this interpreted as buying favor and
influence,” he added.

The problem with the chief of staff hosting a fundraiser, Lokken
said, is this: Those who don’t show up could imagine having less access
to the administration. Those who do will be perceived from the outside
as trying to buy influence. “You’re damned if you do, damned if you
don’t. It puts everybody in an extremely awkward situation,” Lokken
said. (Sun)

Jim Gibbons place “everybody in an extremely awkward situation”? How can the Sun even consider such an everyday occurrence to be news?

No doubt “everybody” thinks that Gibbons’ tendency to hire a slew of people who are either running for office or planning on it an indication that he considers politics more important than competency. True believers, however, recognize a heroic effort to shrink government by reducing the silly line liberal pantywaists would like to draw between the political and official functions of elected officials.

Why, that’s almost as silly as thinking there’s a line between church and state. Who comes up with those ideas, anyway?

Probably the same sort of people who don’t find car bombs funny.


*I can show you my registration card to prove it!

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