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Don't Answer that Phone!!!

  • Ah, ain't it great when bi-partisanship works? Especially the kind where Gibbons gets out of the way and let's Barbara Buckley clean up the mess?
  • Well, I'm sure northern Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief. Their disappointment at losing their favorite gooftard Jim Gibbons in the next election will be mollified by the thought that Ty Cobb, Jr., is the new Gibbons. (INP) Somebody help me out,though. I'm still trying to find where it says in the works of Marx or Engels, or anywhere in fact, that anyone has ever said we "can tax our way to prosperity." Who would say that, except maybe the little Straw Man living in Cobb's head? You know, the one that feasts on his cerebellum?
  • Reviews of the big blue monstrosity that is the 2010 Gibbons campaign site have not been good. Ralston devoted a "Flash" to it, noting–if I can say so without being sued for leaking a "Flash"–that there really ain't much there. Especially in terms of supporters: there being two at last count. Dullard Mush sliced and diced the thing. DM notes that in the "Message From Jim", Gibbons basically tells us that since Nevada elected him, the economy has "gone to pot." Not an inspiring message, true, but look on the bright side. It wasn't a text message. Several ladies up north have been known to turn off their phones when they got a "Message From Jim."
  • Just wondering: Isn't blue usually associated with Democratic candidates?
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